In development….Coming soon!

The Creative Stress workbook is being developed for anyone experiencing stress by taking a brief 10-20 minute break and doing a creative stress-relieving exercise.  Most of the exercises can be completed right in the workbook.  A private Facebook group will be developed for users to share their outcomes, thoughts, and experiences, or for those who need feedback without judgement.

All of the exercises in the workbook can be completed by almost anyone — adolescent through the elderly — whether they are an artist, or they don’t have a creative bone in their body (ha ha – they do, as they will discover).  When dabbling in expressive arts, the most important thing is to let go of self-judgement — it is not about the end result, but the process of what you need to express, and your chosen method to do it with in that moment in time.

The workbook is intended to be there for you like a friend, when you are experiencing stress, as a supportive place to free yourself.  If you are experiencing ongoing severe stress, anxiety, or depression (for more than 2 weeks), it is advisable to seek counseling by a licensed therapist who specializes in these areas, while setting an appointment with a psychiatrist as well.

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