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The Healing Power of Art & ArtistsA great site dedicated to artists who use art for personal healing, art in healthcare, eco-art, art in education, world peace, and more.
CreativityRulzA blog hosted on Psychology Today by Tina Seelig, Ph.D. A creativity pioneer from Stanford, well-known for her courses, books, and Ted Talks on creativity.
Artsy.netA great website with really inspiring articles on some great creatives out there. I recommend signing up for the newsletter.
Creative Pep Talk A fun and inspirational podcast by illustrator and author Andy J. Pizza which motivates creativity and interviews other artists.
Cultivating Creativity SVS Learn is an online school targeting illustrators with a pretty cool podcast called ‘3 Point Perspective’. Here is an episode focused on cultivating creativity.
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Courses/Programs (Online)
Expressive Arts WorkshopsCreated by an Art Therapist Shelly Klammer.
Ignite Your Everyday CreativityAn introductory course into your creativity, free on Coursera.
Elizabeth Gilbert’s Creativity WorkshopA Udemy course developed by the best-selling author based on following curiosity vs. fear.
Creative Challenges
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Children & Creativity
The Crayon Initiative A really cool non-profit that collects old crayons (reducing waste), melts them down, remanufactures them, and distributes to children’s hospitals across the U.S.