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How Stress Affects Your Creativity

Photo by Cristian Newman
Photo by Cristian Newman
Photo by Cristian Newman

Stress is a major inhibitor of creativity.  When we have too much stress in our lives, problems arise, and we cannot concentrate.  Therefore, we cannot create.  Physically, we become weak.  Our minds become dull, fuzzy, and uninspired.  We are distracted and cannot focus on anything good.  Emotionally, we may have some anxiety or even dabs of depression as a result.  Spiritually, we are just lost.  As our minds are dull, so becomes our heart, and our soul dampened, which is what we need more than anything to express ourselves creatively.

We must learn techniques to combat stress in order to open ourselves to creative flow.  We cannot experience flow if we are blocked, and stress blocks us.

How breathing can help relieve stress just a little and open up your creative self.  Something I learned about breathing is that it is really simple.  Anyone can do it, and you can do it anywhere.  But the simpler it is, it seems the harder it is to remember to do it.  There are all kinds of breathing exercises, and some you will take to better than others.

If there is one that I’ve learned, because it is the easiest for me to remember, it’s to take in one full deep breath dedicated to letting go of the past…then a second deep breath for letting go of the future (whatever that may be)…..then a final slow, deep breath for bringing you into the moment right now.  Sometimes this is all I need.  Sometimes I am inspired to do more breathing when I realize I feel a little better.  And sometimes the stress is so rampant, I can barely get through the exercise, let alone continue on… but it’s a really simple place to start, and is the beginning to open you up to breathing creativity.

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