Aimee’s Bio:

Aimee is an Expressive Arts Facilitator, and a Holistic Stress Management Specialist.  She is also experienced in Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR).  Her background includes a BFA in Graphic Design, as well as experience teaching design.  She also completed a Masters in Instructional Design where her focus was on Art Education. She is a member of Arts for Health Florida, and the Teaching Artists Guild.

Aimee created Breathe Creativity inspired by personal experiences of using creative outlets to manage her own stress, anxiety, and depression.  It was no surprise to have discovered that so many studies have been done linking different modals of creativity to vast improvements in health.

The commitment of Breathe Creativity is to help bring down the average person’s daily stress, using simple, creative and holistic practices such as drawing, painting, collage, writing, mindfulness, meditation, and music.